Thursday, January 1, 2009

Dog is God spelled backwards...this guy takes it to heart :)

Well, in order to rectify my blasphemous lack of Benny-boo pictures here's two of the other raw food eating animal of the house. He looks so much better with his collar on :)

General info:
Name: Ben
Nicknames: Benny, Benny-boo, Benny boy, alligator boy, crocodile boy, bat boy, baby boy. Less pleasing: mama's boy (uh, oops. Sorry, Cesar).
Age: 7-8. Found as a stray (puppy then) by the side of the road. Led us to a flower pot that contained another puppy, who we took to be his brother. Other dog was named Sproutz, and sadly died a few years ago. Ben was scavenging for food (he's a bottomless pit to this day) when we found him. His name back then was 'bloated toad' since he was tiny and...well, bloated.
Health: Superb. He refuses to let anything stop him from eating. Even parvo couldn't stop him. Was sick for three days and still ate (along with tons of pedialyte). Only medicine he's on is intercepter monthly.
Food: game hens, gizzards/hearts, tripe, ground turkey/burger, beef ribs, beef tips, fryer chickens, turkey necks, vegetable/fruit smoothies
Temperament: aggressive only to our own animals :{ Won't hesitate to make friends with strange dogs, though. Will defend owners at need.

There. That's my baby boy :) Might make a separate post about the ferts later. But, my Ben deserves his own. He's funny like that.

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