Saturday, January 3, 2009

It's gets me so...ARGHHH :-{ seems like no matter what you do, ferts ALWAYS have to try to show you everything that can go wrong. One-uppers. Hmph.

So, Yogi (like the boy of the group before him), is prone to trying to scare the living s**t out of me. His latest move? Getting up under my sheets and tearing up my memory foam pad thingy. Oh, yes. And, see, I didn't know, because I have: one fitted sheet, one un-fitted sheet, 1 blanket, 1 comforter all tucked in on my bed. The darn pieces were trapped in the light green blanket. I noticed today...well, I dunno why I untucked the stuff, I just did, and I SAW ALL THE PIECES. Granted, from what I could see and what I picked up (piles and piles and piles, oh my!), I don't think he ate any. BUT, he is getting pumpkin 3x a day to flush him out. Drat. And bugger. And arsehole. And other invectives. OTHER INVECTIVES!!!!

I have, of course, removed the foam thingy. I *know* it wasn't the wisest move, but I thought 'hey, these curious, meddling, have-no-thought-for-their-own-welfare animals won't even NOTICE that it's there. I'm safe!' How, how *stupid*. >ugh<.

Pixie, too, has went on a 'climb the cage, knock things off' binge today. All I do is run back and forth, picking things up and getting her down. It's cute, because she takes such joy in it. It's annoying, because it's dangerous to her and the other ferts (who've kinda learned to duck and run when she's up there), and it can trash the lamp (rechargeable and cordless >woot!<) I have up there.

I also gave Miss Pix a bowl of turkey baby food today. So she loves me to the nth degree :)

Oh! Yogi turned into a SPAZZ last night. It was the cutest thing I've ever seen. No lie. He was hopping and dooking his scratchy 'heehee' and tumbling into everything and every one. The baby could hardly keep up with him ;)

And in lame chores...what do I have to do tomorrow?
1. Give Sian her topical ivermectin
2. Give Yogi and Pixie their oral ivermectin
3. Clean ferret room
4. Do ferret laundry
5. Clean rabbit room
6. Possibly clip nails

Yay, yay, yay! Fun to be had by all! *sobs in corner* And, no, I haven't cleaned the room/did laundry yet. Don't judge me!

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