Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ah, the circle of life...good god, they're really going at it!

Taking all these pix of the furkids made me realize two things: 1) my poor Benny-boo is SERIOUSLY neglected, at least picture-wise, and 2) my room has completely gone to the..er..ferrets. There's pumpkin stains in the carpet (from introducing it to Yogi and Pixie, and just messy eaters), there's stains on the walls (from syringe feeding Yew through his many upsets--most were in his head, until it wasn't. God, I miss him). I've scrubbed and scraped and still no luck *headdesk*. Can't really be house-proud if you've got ferts, I guess.

I mistimed the food, too. I actually ran out of my tub of Aunt Jeni's last night (in one day. Christ), and I apparently didn't have any gamehen unthawed. So, now, I'm waiting on the chicken to dethaw. It's taking freakin' *forever* and the baby's probably convinced herself she's starving to death >ugh<.

In general news: I've really gotta clean the fert room and do their laundry...it's a few days past due. I'm pretty sure it won't go away if I just leave it. Too bad, 'cause that'd be REALLY nice. Hmmph.

Oh! And I made the bed, ferret-style, last night. God, it was cute. I even tossed Pix up there and started popcorning her before she could think about it. By the end, she was chasing Sian around and jumping all over the place. I find if you give Pixie too much time to think about if she wants to play, she decides that she really, *really* doesn't. And if you give her time to realize you're about to love on her, you get a friggin' paw in the face. Who am I kidding, she's so used to me trying to sneak kisses, she puts that front paw right on my mouth, anyway, just to make sure. She hates it. Which is why I ALWAYS do it. It's like a game of 'I'm not touching yoooooooouuuuuu' that I just can't grow out of :)

I'm guessing that's it for now. I think. Oh! Besides the point that I WANT a picture with all three of the ferts. Really, really.

There. The end.

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