Monday, December 29, 2008

Ded. Just. Ded. HA!

I can't believe it. Really. I have a cuddly, kissy-face female ferret.


Sian was just adorable last night. She scaled me til she was resting on my shoulder, then buried her head in my hair and sighed. After a bit, she moved to where she could give me kisses, and then curled up at my chest and fell asleep. Every time I'd start to pet her, she'd very softly exhale, and it was so sweet. I nearly died.

Yay! Two out of three ain't bad :)

When she woke up, she played right by me on the bed. Wouldn't leave my general vicinity, and often would stop to give me a kiss on the cheek.

Half of me wonders what she's up to, but the other half really can't be arsed to care. I's a proud and happy mama...

Whee...okay, that's it, except for pictures. Some of the baby, some of my Yogs, and one of the ever elusive Miss Pixie. She's good at dodging the camera at THE VERY LAST MINUTE >argh<. But the order, actually, turned out to be: Pixie eating, Sian staring at the camera, and Yogi peeking out from the robe...oh, well.

Yep, that's it.

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