Sunday, December 28, 2008

I've never went left and right at once, but it's worth a shot...

So, well, Christmas has come and gone (and, yay, I spent Christmas huddled around my toilet, as I caught the stomach bug from hell). The furkids got a new Flexi Fun-nel, of which they were in desperate need, let me tell you. Pixie and Yogi got safety harnesses and leashes (which aren't the safest, I know, but they don't go outside, it's just for cruising the house with. I cannot for the life of me get an H-harness on those ferts, and that's the only harness design I would dare to take them outside in).

I did pick them up more game-hens, but that isn't really a present :) It was kind of funny, because when we were in line to check out, my dad noticed I had two different kinds--rock hens and the bigger game hens (they may be different, but I glomp 'em all together, usually). He looks at them, says, "why'd you get one two-pack and two loose ones?" I reply, "the ferrets won't eat the bigger ones--they don't like 'em." My dad snorts, "what, the *ferrets* can tell the different chickens apart?" Uh, yeah. It's the thicker skin, mostly, I think, that they don't like. Just as Pixie and Yogi won't really eat chicken wings (they prefer the game hen's wings and drumsticks). Sian, at this point, will eat anything, but I don't know how long that will last.

Oh! My mom and I did manage to get the fuzzies' nails clipped. Yay! I don't know what it is about Yogs, but his nails always grow long quickly, but now they've gotten a little *thicker* as well. I'm wondering if it's the pumpkin (I hate giving him that much fiber, but I figure since their diet is almost void of it, it's safer than if they ate kibble PLUS the pumpkin. Oh, well).

On even more general updates: Sian acts so much like a little boy, that I've become paranoid that she'll sprout a 'belly button' any day now. Seriously, I *check*. She takes major offense, believe me. She has also managed to hang on to her bad manners while simultaneously adopting Yogi's. Yogi's proud and smug, it's obvious. Pixie just scratches quietly in the corners, keeping out of the debacles that arise. I despair. Tearing of hair and gnashing of teeth. No lie.

I did take pictures of Miss Pix checking out our tree skirt and a Santa hat (on the camcorder), as well as her eating CGH pieces on our new digital camera, but I don't think I have those uploaded, yet. Although I do have some new pictures that I'll blast this post with (I add pix last, for some reason). I really should have got the baby chilling out on my mom's back, it was so cute :)

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