Sunday, December 21, 2008

Poke 'em with a stick and see if they move

Everybody but the baby is crashed out, right now. I think I annoyed them half to death while I was snapping a few new pictures (had to wake Yogi up and plop him on the bed. 'Swhy his pix are so...uninspired).

I'm trying to get more people to hold Sian, 'cause funnily enough she's showing something akin to stranger anxiety. Which is kinda weird, but kinda fits, seeing as how everyone but me is afraid she'll bite. Huh.

Oh! Strange development: my sister (who apparently has hijacked my car. Hmmph. Guess we'll be having a talk on borrowing-car etiquette) has taken to calling Yogi her 'boyfriend'. I guess 'cause he's such a handsome, cuddly fella, and she's not afraid to handle him. It's cute :)

I've been letting the furkids counter-cruise these last few days. They think it's a riot. I'll have to snap a few pix of it, but I remembered too late this time. Also, Yogi and Pixie love exploring the Christmas tree (which died a premature death already. Miracle-Gro has not helped this poor little thing. Is sad, and honestly? Makes me wanna cry. I hate that part of Christmas, having the tree die).

BTW, I have GOT to look up more ferret-related quizzes. This is how lame I am, that I love taking them. Oh, well.

Oh! Here's one!

which ferret-type do you think that you are? Click

to find out!!

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