Friday, December 19, 2008

Are they supposed to make that kind of noise?

*Yeah, that's Pix eating chicken baby food, or what I call 'I'm gonna freak Mom out and not eat my regular food' meals*
Yay! Good news so far: Yogi is acting like his usual self, although I'm still keeping him on the pumpkin mix (I feed him a tablespoon 2x a day for now). But, he's eating and pooing like a champ ;)

Sian is now in the big cage. After witnessing her practice the ramps and such, I decided it was time. That little girl would just go up and down, over and over again, while the other two were sleeping. Now, *that's* dedication. I've only been woken up once by her and Yogi's wrestling, and a short 'enough' made Yogi back off and play nicer. Boys.

Pixie finally got it in her to play with the baby. They were flipping and chasing, and altogether just dooking it out. It ended with Pixie dragging the baby a-ways (I don't stop them, even when Yogi does it, since they are just asserting the pecking order). It p***ed the baby off something awful, but she got over it :)

In other news: we have scheduled all three of them at our old vet's in January. Apparently, they decided that Lupron shots are available (and advisable) for all ferrets, regardless of age. Which is funny, because I was not in there that long ago and they wouldn't give Pixie Lupron. Said she was too old for that preventative. We got the melatonin instead. Now, it changed. Hmm, wonder why? So, that vet visit will run about $400, and that's without Sian's vaccines (vet visits are $40 a piece, Lupron is $90 a piece). We were, however, able to get more Carnivore Care and ivermectin (topical) without dragging everyone in. That was nice.

Ooooo! I freaked Pixie out Wednesday. I felt so bad, even though it was kinda funny. I put the furkids up, because I was going to the store. So, about 5 hours later I get home, go to the fert-room and it's a mess. Looked like a hurricane swept through. Next thing I know, Pixie comes running up to me. What? So, I open the cage doors and let Yogi and Sian out. They tear out of there, Pixie runs in, all freaked out because she couldn't get in the cage and my sis was home with the kids (who are loud and scare the crap outta Pixie). Next thing I know, Sian and Pixie start getting into it over the Aunt Jeni's in the cage. Apparently, they both thought they were starving and both wanted to eat the little bit that was left over. They didn't bite, but they puffed up and started 'striking' without using teeth. Pixie finally wrested it away, which was fine, seeing as how she didn't have access to it for those 5 hours, and the baby did. The only bad/scary/omg thing? Since I had thought I put all three up in the cage, I opened the window wide (which I never do with the ferts out), and so I spent the next 30 minutes envisioning all the ways that could have went wrong. Pixie scratching a hole in the screen; Pixie falling 6 feet out the window and breaking something/dying; Pixie taking off into the woods and getting lost/eaten/mutilated/diseased. >ugh<>

But, it didn't. And after my freakout and Pixie's freakout and about an hour of hysterical fert playing, everything was good. So, wheee. And also, whew.

Hmm. I'm thinking that's it.


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