Friday, December 12, 2008

I resent those implications. Trufax.

So, another shot of my Yogs. Well, he is handsome, isn't he? At least the pumpkin's working. Tonight, he ate a drumstick, part of a wing, and half the bowl of Aunt Jeni's turkey. I think he got a stomach ache from all of it, though. He did manage to eat most of the pumpkin/Carnivore Care/pedialyte/water mix before bed. By the by, I discovered tonight that he snores. Scared the frick outta me; I first thought he was having trouble breathing. But. Just snoring. >whew<. Got some good cuddle time out of my mini panic attack--there's always a silver lining somewhere :) In other news: the baby has safely transitioned to eat bone. Go, Sian! She demolishes the CGH pieces now. Though, let me tell you, the first 'practice' wing tip I gave her? Scariest thing to watch *cringes* Glad that's over. Just for fun: 1. Do any of your ferrets ever "pretend" to go potty? Yogi does; especially if I give him a tour outside their room; he gets the 'nervous potties' from the excitement.
2. Do your ferrets do the "scootin bootin" after potty? Pixie and Yogi do; I haven't noticed Sian, though.
3. Have any of your ferrets ever stolen something and then hissed at you when you try to steal it back? Pixie did, with her teddy bear legs. She'd hiss and throw a fuss when it was time for me to resew the seams.
4. Do any of your ferrets sleep on their backs with their paws in the air? Yep, all three. So cute!
5. Do any of them sleep with their tongues hanging out? So far, only Yogi and Pixie.
6. Do any of them sleep on their backs in their hammocks with their heads hanging out upside down? Do their little noses touch the floor, too? Pixie does it all the time; she'll even spill out over the shelf. Very rarely will Yogi do it.
7. Do your ferrets snore or make any other noises in their sleep? All three do. Pixie will whimper. Yogi snores and snuffles. Sian whines.
8. Have any of your ferrets tried to fly as if they think they CAN fly? Of course. Yogi and Sian will crawl up my back and onto my shoulder and will leap off; Pixie does it from any available surface. It's scary.
9. Do you give your ferrets raspberry kisses on their bellies? To Yogi and Sian--they rest their paws on my cheeks. I tried with Pixie, once, and she just stared at me like I was crazy before she scurried off.
10. Have any of your shoes and/or slippers ever "magically" appeared in your ferret's stash spot? Nope. The only time I have shoes in the ferret room is if my feet are in them :)
11. What's the weirdest thing you've found in your ferret's stash spot? Some were: alarm clocks, rabbit's foot, pictures, hair clips, and anything that I put on my nightstand.
12. Which one of your ferrets jumps the highest when they do their "happy dance?" That would have to be Sian.
13. Do any of your ferrets plow over anything and everything in their path when they start doing their "happy dance?" God, all three of them. They're cute, but graceful isn't in their vocabulary :)
14. Use one word to describe each of your ferrets. Pixie=leader, Yogi=goofball, Sian=miscreant
15. Would you trade your ferret(s) for a million dollars? Uh, no. I'd make no profit, just kidding. But, seriously, I'll cut you.

Well, the fun's over, for now ;)

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