Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A working heart IS kinda imperative to, well, LIVING

Well, wonder-boy is in the midst of scaring ten years off me. Yesterday, he had one watery bowel movement, and then nothing for the rest of the day. Would not eat. Didn't play that much (still tussled with Sian), just slept.

Around midnight, I tented his skin and it snapped back quickly. After that, though, he drank water. Then, I was able to hand feed him some Aunt Jeni's turkey, and he managed a little bit of loose stool. He didn't eat anything after I put him and Pixie in the cage, though he had a bigger bowel movement. Just in between he would run to his papers and act like he needed to poo, but nothing would come out.

I called his vet this morning. They said, 'ooooooo, rush rush rush.' I said, 'payment plan?' they said, 'oh, no, loyal, always paying client, full payment.' So, I called another vet close to them, and surprise, they see ferrets. I explained the situation. They told me that after such watery stool, it could take a few days for Yogi to regain in volume in his poo. Also, they recommended using canned pure pumpkin and watching what comes out. I said 'thank you, I believe I finally found my ferrets a new vet.'

So, my mom left for pumpkin, and we are now going to try this clinic to see if they are any better than the old one. Hope so. If Yogi isn't better in a few days, then off we go to get him examined.

He's eating, if I hand feed him, and has nice pink, moist gums and lips. He isn't squinting, nor does he cry out when he tries to go to the bathroom. To look at him, he looks like a healthy, young ferret.

It just scares me. After Yew, I tend to freak out a little if something is weird. And, now, with the three of them, it feels like it used to. He is playing so much more, and loving having Sian around (though the stress, though good, could be the cause of some of this), and Sian loves wrestling with him (even if she is very vocal about it). I just hope this pumpkin thing fleshes out, and helps him. God, I hope so.

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