Sunday, January 4, 2009

Umm...yeah. I don't think evil overlords are supposed to *cry*

Well, so finally got the ferret room clean :) Go, me! The Yogs took the nice, fresh, clean room to mean he could poo anywhere. My rants and raves made no impression. That boy is the bane of litterboxes everywhere :-{

And, I don't have to do the laundry right away. I finally have enough bedding material for--check it out--TWO sets. Praise you, hallejuah. But, I did have to spot treat their sofa bed. The baby got mad at being caged and knocked it into ferret poop. Though, honestly, I have to figure something else out for the entry to the second story. The ramp doesn't work (too dangerous...I wonder if any other ferrent has the same problem with the FN cage? Oh, well).

Also, to knock off the list--nails (but not ears. Yay, for Epi-Otic all over Yogi's head!). No clipping needed this time. Which is strange, because Yogi usually grows tarantula legs on the ends of his paws >ewwww<.

In other news: Pixie is being herself. Which means sleeping and scurrying away if I even *think* about picking her up *iz sad*. The baby is spastic. Always. Sian is even, to my dismay, getting bone aggressive. She puffs, she hisses, she runs around like a chicken with it's head cut off. She will stash her CGH piece, and then go around stealing everyone else's, as well. And getting her? Ha, yeah. Easy. Except not. So, I cage her. Then she flips out, refuses to eat. Her thinking? Probably something like, "But I need to share in the togetherness...and their pieces are so much better!"

Okay, okay. Yogi stalking her, and sitting beside her, just *staring* while she eats probably doesn't help, either. It's actually frickin' creepy, even for me. How he just sidles up, then slowly turns his head until his nose is practically in her ear...I dunno; I'd get paranoid, too, I guess. But, he doesn't steal her food, either, just does that.

It's fine. Yes. I think I can convince myself of that...yeah, no. But I'll work on it. I've already gotten Sian to the stage that IF I can catch her, I can get her food away without getting nipped. Baby steps. It's all about the little things.

That's it. Except for one, last "YAY! CLEAN ROOM!"

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  1. It's so gratifying to get their room clean but yeah, I hear you. They waste no time in messing it up!


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