Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Look, don't blame me. I'm pretty sure it's my parents' fault...

And, so, after all my bragging about Yogi's nails not needing to be clipped...they now need to be clipped. Seriously, I think it's out of spite. Last night I could have sworn they were decently trim. Now...they're ohmygodwhathappenedtoyou long.

In other news: I gave the ferts a little bit of Aunt Jeni's turkey and a CGH piece when I put them up last night. It went well. There was no scuffling or hissing or scrabbling. But this morning? Yogi had apparently stashed part of his CGH and decided to eat it as breakfast. That baby turned into a demon. She ran up to where Yogs was, snatched it from him and started wolfing it down; poor Yogi looked heartbroken, so I, of course, reached in the cage to get it away from her. She started spitting and hissing and hopping in place. It was actually kind of funny, and I wished I'd had the camcorder handy. But. Anyway, I scruffed her; jiggled the gamehen piece away from her and gave it back to Yogi, who didn't hesitate to chow down >yay! bone!<

Oooo, did she have a lot to say about that.

But, she got over it--helped along by the fact that I gave her CGH pieces for her breakfast. Sian likes the Aunt Jeni's, but she adores her gamehens :)

As for Pixie, she took a dive off the cage today. Luckily she's fine (cheers for good bone density, I guess). But she went off on a sulk, because I was highly displeased. This is her routine every time I start ranting at her: sigh, slump, scurry, scratch. A lot of 's' words, I know *g*.

Hmph. The end.

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