Sunday, January 4, 2009

A BUSINESS >woot!< FTW!!!!!

It just dawned on me...I technically can call my furkids (drumroll, please...)...A BUSINESS. Two ferts are called a pair (duh). Three+ is a what? That's right. A business of ferrets. I have a business *bg*

It must have been a supremely long blonde moment that prevented me from noticing this earlier *facepalm* Oh, well.

Now, let me tell you a story. It starts off like this:

[me, entering ferret room--that's yet unclean. Shut *up*]: Hey, babes, whatcha up to?
{Pixie}: Mom, stop flashing that thing in my face! >ugh<

[me, wanders away, sits. Looks down]: AHHHHH! HOLY S***! How did I not notice you?
{Sian, whining}: Mom. MOM! I'm hungryyyyyyyyyy. Mom >sighs< [me, fending her off]. Okay, okay. I'll go get some food. Just wait.

Some moments later...
{Sian, happily eating}: Nom nom nom. Yummy nom nom...

Some moments after that...
{Sian}: Mmm, thanks, Mom!

[Pan left, some rustling, some thumps. Enter Yogi, confused] {Yogi, huffing enviously}: Mom! I was hungry, toooooooooooooo!

[More rustling. A muffled crash] {Yogi}: I can't believe you fed her and not me!

{Yogi}: Fine! I'm leaving!
[me, tugging hair]: Jesus...freaking...oh my were SLEEPING!

[Exit Yogi] {Sian, slyly}: Ha! Didn't even know I stashed some here...I win!

[Thump. Scrabbling] {Sian}: I lurrrrrrvvvvv you, Mom.
A few moments after that...

{Sian, content}: Oooooo, time for a nap >yawn<
[me, thinking]: whee! Cuddle time! FTW!


In other news: I did manage to give Pixie and Yogi their heartworm preventative, as well as give Sian her topical ivermectin >yay!< Well, that's it for now! *whew*

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