Thursday, January 22, 2009

It just kinda looks like a sugar-crazed toddler started flinging the camera around...

*Sorry about me being in the pic, at this point the above arrangement was the only thing getting Yogi half-way to still*

*Apparently, Sian's only goal was to attack my camera*

*Sian, pre-attack. And here I thought she loved me, but she only wanted closer to her target :(. And, yeah, my hair is all frizzed out because I had that little monster wrestling in it*

*Here is my sweet Pixie. Yay! For a sorta good pose >smooches<*

*Yeah, here's the Yogster getting all up close and personal with the lens. Hurrah, more nose juice*

So, in an effort to update my fert pix, I was annoying the bejesus out of my furkids. They were as uncooperative as possible--most of the pictures taken feature a single eye...or a flash of nose. Pixie, however, did give in and posed very cutely for two. Yeah. Before she took off to hide in her cubby hole o'doom and plot my demise.

Oh, well.

And, because I went to the effort of trying to take these darn pictures, I'm gonna post some of 'em >bwahahahahahahahaha<. Sorry. I haven't done that for so long--I was jonesin', man *g*. Oh! Back on topic! Okay, here's some bad(ish) pix of my ferts. Enjoy!

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