Tuesday, January 20, 2009


*my oldest niece, enjoying the weather. Gramma took them down creek road, and they got to watch the dogs playing on the bluff and in the water :)

Yay, snow! Do you know what it takes to get snow where we live?

A lot. The first year we moved to our current house in NC, we got about 4-5 feet of snow. That was about 9 years ago or so. After that, it wasn't anything but flurries. At least this time, it's staying for a while, and actually *coated* the ground. I'm a happy girl.

So, not related to fert news, but oh, well.

As for my ferts--Yogi is once again in his place as my sweet, little (but big) boy. The baby came home feeling 95% better and has been able to sleep through the night and not have screaming fits, so my fuzzbutts (Yogi in particular) have not been ransacking the cage >wheeeeeeeeeee!<. Sian is, of all things, turning silver. Yeah. I got her and there was no doubt about her being sable, then she slowly morphed into this strange indiscriminate color (except for her legs which are still a chocolatey color), and now, from the back of her head down, she is getting what looks like silvery-grayish hair. It's crazy. Even her face is paling some. I just don't know. It's not really important, but I just have that need to classify them in some category (besides the one labeled 'my babies' heh), and she refuses to follow convention >argh<. But! She is about the length of Pixie, now (growth spurt, much?), and muscled (she looks slinky, but you pick her up and it's just solid weight). So, yeah, doing good.

And as I write, all three are in some fert wrestling-match on the bed. Gotta love 'em.

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