Friday, January 23, 2009

Electro-shock therapy--a GREAT way to start the day!

*Acting like a cat. Completely self-satisfied, and with a tail still static-y*

She refuses to take any pictures that she isn't looking her best in >heehee<*

*Yogi, full of static and loving it*

*Attack, attack! Sian (who's hair is still sticking up from the 'electro-shock' blanket) and Yogi playing (no, I'm not crazy--Yogi's burrowing under the blanket)*

*Sian, doing her version of the weasel war-dance *g*

In preparation of cleaning (once again) the fert-room, I did laundry last night. Yay, clean fert AND human bedding *g*. Well, so, being in the nature of ferrets, I had helpers. Turned out, you can't make a bed properly without having at least one ferret buried under the sheets as you tuck them in. Nor can you put a blanket on the bed without playing 'Popcorn the Weasel'.

Add to that a very static-y blanket, and what do you get? Demon ferrets running around a shocking the bejesus out of each other and me. I was surprised--they actually liked it. They would rub themselves along the blanket until the crackling became *audible* and then run up to another fert and plant their noses whereever they could reach, only to run away and do it over again (Pixie loved waiting 'til Yogi and Sian started wrestling. As soon as they really got into it, there she'd be--ready to zap 'em). Huh. It was hilarious, though, seeing every single hair stick up on end *g*.

Okay. Think that's it for now :)

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