Tuesday, November 18, 2008


So, I am up way too early (go, sis, and her mad job-acquiring skillz). Thus, my ferts got out at a ridiculously early time. They are busy flipping and chewing on each other (a rarity these days). Life is good.

Except for the fact that Pixie got Ferret-Lax on her forehead, and the spiky result puts me in mind of a tiny, demented shark ;)

In other news: I have tried everything to get my ferts to play consistently. And by consistently, I mean at least once a day. Seriously. Yogi, for all he's a healthy kit, is turning into the laziest (albeit cuddliest) couch potato. I've looked up sites, invented new games, and through it all made a mess, and the result? They stare at me like I've gone insane. Until last night. Until Yogi found a stray sock. A sock that made him wrestle and dook and altogether act like an insane toddler on speed. A sock. Thank god my efforts weren't wasted. Except for how they were.

Also? I am thinking about getting another kit. I know what I want--a sable, preferably female, although I do adore the snuggling ability of the boys (something the girls kinda don't do). Somehow, though, I don't think Pixie would appreciate two boys. Just a feeling I get.

It's by no means decided, yet. At least the timing of it. I wanted to do it while Yogi was still a baby (read under a year), so he still has all the bombastic energy (or, rather, regains it). Because Pixie doesn't play long or hard enough for a kit (she's only three, but kinda scrooge-ish. Don't tell her I said that). Taking two ferrets to pick out a third is going to be fun. Giving three ferts a bath will be a blast >ugh<

Anywho, that's about it, for now. Well, besides the fact that I hate mornings. Hate, with all my heart. Seriously.

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