Monday, November 3, 2008

Hitchcock aside, I didn't know birds actually DID that...

*Man, does my Ben have some jowls on him ;)*

So, my sister has obtained an affinity for throwing game hens at my dog.

This new quirk started strangely. In fact, it happened when I was taking out a chicken to feed to Ben. Suddenly, my sister asked, "Wouldn't it be cool to stuff your ferrets in a chicken and throw it?" I replied, "No." She responded with, "What if we threw it at someone?" To which I said, "Are you crazy? You'd kill my ferrets." She then told me, "I really want to throw chickens at people. It'd be fun." So, my question was, "Who are you mad at?" She said, "No one." I was puzzled. "You just want to chuck chickens at random targets?" "Uh, yeah."

Huh. So, I conceded. "Fine. But my animals aren't going to be involved, though." So, apparently, in anticipation for the day that my big sis starts throwing chickens at innocent passersby, she has taken up tossing gamehens to my dog for him to catch and eat.

Idiosyncracies are so endearing.

Also on a lame (but funny to me) note, I was cutting a chicken wing up to give to my ferts (as I had run out of CGHs), when I showed it to my sister. I saw her stunned look, and so I explained "it's a wing." Her retort was, "of what, a pterodactyl?" I have to admit, the thing did look unusually big. So, that's my less than entertaining post for the evening.

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