Saturday, December 6, 2008

Attack of the mutant furball

So, because Blogger is being difficult I can't post pictures. And I wanted to, since I am now the proud Mama of Pixie, Yogi, and new baby Sian.

Thursday, we went and picked her up (early Christmas pressie, go me!). Her certificate said that she was born September 7th, which I doubt. She is a tiny thing, with peach fuzz instead of fur, so she constantly looks like she's puffed up like a blow fish. Pixie and Yogi are being the sweetest (especially Pixie, her maternal side is showing, now). Yogi is acting like a big brother--sweet, sometimes annoying, and not aware of his size.

Everyday when I let them out, they immediately run to her crate and wait for me to open it up before they stampede inside and check on her. Sian, who looks like she can't weigh more than a few ounces, will pounce and chase them both (and to do that to Yogi, who weighs close--if not exactly--to four pounds, well, that takes guts :) ).

And luckily, she was also an easy switch. She started eating boneless chicken breast Thursday night. Good thing, too, because she should not have been on kibble (prolapsed rectum), and the meat is much softer and easier for her to eat (and she eats a ton of it). Also, the olive oil helps things through.

We treated her for ear mites with ivermectin; poor thing looked like she was trying to do an alligator roll with her own head. But today she is calmer (and has stopped biting so aggressively. She got my mom on her mouth and cheek; she did the same to me, as well as getting my chin. Plus, she's a toe biter like Yogi), and more willing to listen. Always good.

I'm hoping she'll have a growth spurt pretty quickly, so she can begin to learn how to navigate the Ferret Nation cage. I want her in there with my other two furkids--Sian really needs to be able to snuggle at night. I took a nap with her yesterday, and she stayed curled up under my chin. That's when I noticed that she cried some and would try to get closer :(

But, she's a baby and misses her mom and siblings, so all of us (Pixie, Yogi, me) take turns. They won't leave her unless she's cuddled up with me.

Yogi, too, has stopped his cage rampaging (apparently, he has enough to occupy him during the day). I caught Pixie under the nightstand. Sian was crouched on her chest, playing, while Pixie kept her front legs around the baby. So cute.

Now, I just need to find out when it's safe for me to introduce bone. Not for a while yet, I know, but still. Research, research, research.

Hopefully, Blogger will soon let me upload pix. Until then, yes, she is a sable >yea!<, and she looks to be a standard (like Pixie, the two are so similar it's scary).

That's enough of my bragging for now, I think.

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