Sunday, December 16, 2012

lights will guide you home, and ignite your bones

So, it's been longer than I intended between posts, but my energy's been flagging lately, and I didn't have new pics of the ferrets (neither do I have them now!  but!).

Things I've done:

- finally got around to updating Dr. Paul's office about Anya and Hiko (and a bit for Sian and Yogi, though they only received their distemper vaxes)

- fed and watered and cuddled all the ferts (which, with how I've been, is pretty good.  Well, the last is.  Don't ever think I wouldn't feed or water my guys.  Word fail, there :C )

- delayed cleaning rooms!  so now I've got to do it, and now it's going to be a huge undertaking.  yay.

- cried.  calmed down.  cried.  cried some more.

- stared at pictures (like this one:

for example).  Stared at the incredible, heartbreaking sketches of Ben my sickeningly talented sister has made for me (and which I'll post pics of, on this, when I get the last one framed).

- avoided looking at Ben's temporary urn.  mostly avoided thinking about what's in said temporary urn.

- Listened to Fix You repeatedly.

- Finally deleted Dr. Stewart's voicemail, from when Pixie was declining.  Because even I have limits on how much masochism I can withstand.

Things I plan to do:

- Get some pics of the ferrets!  Especially Anya - she is so adorably, pathetically cute with her coat in! She looks like a baby.

- Get Anya in to the local vets for a nail clipping, because she still won't allow me to do it, and she needs one.  Badly.

... that's about all I really want to plan, at this point.

Here, here's a fert pic:

An old one, of course, but one of my very favorites.  Oh, my guys.

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