Tuesday, October 2, 2012

drama llama

Boogers. The big three are nothing but drama starting boogers.

The night before last I had cleaned up messes, and swiffered their floor.  I leave for the night and then before taking in Shade, one of our dogs, to the vets for an emergency visit, I let the big guys out.

I come home, go downstairs to say hi to the ferts, and when I enter the big guys' room, I see the swiffer lying on the floor and immediately get it out.  It's only when I'm putting them up last night that I notice it.  The handle of the swiffer is mangled, bitten and missing pieces.  Missing pieces.

The foam rubber handle is missing pieces.

I freak out, open their cage and get their food out, run upstairs and get out the pumpkin, goat's milk and coconut oil.  I dump half a 15 oz can into their bowl and mix in the oil, heat it up, and after add the milk.  The big guys, all of them love it, so I'm at least satisfied that there's hope whoever will pass the foam now.  Or just have a worse, more painful obstruction that much sooner.


Before the night's over they finish the can.  This morning?  Poo everywhere.  Tired ferrets (up all night ... pooing, I guess) and no foam anywhere in all that poo.

Another half a can and eight chicks later, more poo, no foam, and I'm thinking that maybe I was lucky.  It looks like whoever ate it managed to pass it before I even was aware of the problem.  I didn't notice it when cleaning the litterboxes and piddle pads because the fur, feathers and bone in their meals hid it from me.

So, we'll see what happens in the next few days (nothingnothingnothing >:|).

Beyond that, it'll be my birthday in two days.  I'd love good wishes for Miss Shade.  Things don't look so great, physically, but mentally she's there, so aware and with us that we have to fight for her.  She's 14, the last of our original pack (her sister, Kelpie, passed at 11), but she still has some good time left, if we can get her over this.

So, yeah, if you've got the time and inclination, just wish her well.  It'd be much appreciated.
Miss Shade and Coda

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