Monday, October 1, 2012

bald is the new pink

I ordered Anya bedding from Rose !

If there's just one thing I love just as much as fiddling and picking out protein sources for my guys to eat (and that's, like, the best. thing. ever. in my opinion, I'll be honest), it's getting new bedding!  Especially having some specific for each group.  GAH.  Plus, Rose's quality is amazing and these things are worth the money in every way.  I love the product, but most importantly?  My ferrets love the bedding.  And since they gotta live in it, I'd do anything to make sure they're comfortable and content.

Here's hoping Anya likes hers half as much, even as the big three and the babies!

And to think, as my mom says.  This will be the first time Anya's ever gotten to have just hers, picked out with her and her comfort in mind.  And she deserves it.  She's a very loving, kind soul.  Reminds me of Pixie, almost, in that it's not because she's clingy or wantsneeds me in some way.  It's just that she exudes this ... consciousness and this soul deep goodness, that even my family has to comment on.

So, eeeeeeeeeeeeee.  Can't wait!

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