Wednesday, July 20, 2011

vet trip vet trip vet trip

So, Hiko went to the vet's today. He'd started a hacking cough about two days ago, and at the time I just figured it to be a stray hair or something, since they're still shedding intermittently. I started giving them olive oil and didn't think much about it (after a general check over didn't show any discharge/cloudiness).

Yesterday night, though, I noticed yellow discharge coming from his left eye. This morning there wasn't any new discharge but his breathing was off and he was coughing/sneezing more. I decided SCREW IT, and got him in to our dog/cat vet (who, sweethearts all, don't know much about ferts, let's be honest).

Temperature was normal; heart/lungs clear; eye stain negative for ulcerations; ears DIRTY but clear of mites. He was so, so, so good, I couldn't believe it. Part of it was not feeling good, I know, but part of it was just him being his AMAZING LITTLE SELF, UGH.

Anyway, I walked out with a bottle of amoxicillin and a yorker bottle that I can put ear cleaning solution in so I can actually get their ears CLEAN.

We'll see how he does with it. This incident did jog me, though, because I've been HORRIBLY lax in finding them a suitable ferret vet. I have no excuse, and I'm taking a big risk not having someone I can take them to that KNOWS about them. The guys we saw today could work for emergencies (getting them stabilized, etc), and routine exams (maybe, they're willing to do research and learn at least), but I need more now, especially with Pix getting older.


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