Monday, July 25, 2011

so they, like, cost money or something

Any good ferret will tell you that when a ferrent starts "planning" it's necessary to quickly and thoroughly upset said plans.

So that's just what Pixie (and Hiko, somewhat) has done! It's an inescapable fact that she's, at the very least, exhibiting signs of adrenal (which, you know, basically means she IS adrenal). I wanted her to go in today, but the ferret vet is out all day, so we're moving it to Wednesday (I've got work all Tuesday, and anyway it'll take us ~ 2 hours to get to the vet). I think we are on the brink of starting lifelong Lupron shots, here, people. At least I got her to almost 6 before she got a serious health issue; that feels like an accomplishment.

Beyond that, it's looking like, while Hiko's not worsening, he's going to need another round of antibiotics. I'm going to talk to the ferret vet in Blacksburg about it when I take Pixie, though I'm hoping the local vets here could fill the prescription if he says that's a good idea to keep Hiko on them. Maybe he could call Healing Springs about it? Do they do that kind of stuff, you know, ask another vet to fill a prescription?

Overall, I've been doing some hesitant math, and if Pixie's monthly costs stay around $150 (after this first time, which I know is probably going to be up there), I can afford to, of course, pay THAT, as well as sock away $150 each month to add to their nest egg, afford their food and have some left to pay my way, as well (I'm working a graduate assistantship). That way I can afford everyone else's preventative Lupron shots at the end of the year without touching the emergency fund. I CAN TOTALLY DO THIS, GUYS.

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