Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Birthday to Teh Baby (tm)--PICSPAM

*The night we brought Sian home (a.k.a. introducing the final member of The Triad)*

*Hanging with Yogi--how The Twins were formed*

*Why are all the cutest pictures usually of them sleeping--Teh Baby (tm) as a baby*

*Taking on the Yogster*

*Teh Baby (tm)--awww*

*A few weeks after getting her--first attempt at counter-cruising*

*Going vegatarian*

*snuggle-time--hurray for having a mama's girl:)*

*Sian the escape artist--the night of our final move to VA*

*Enjoying toys on Pixie's birthday*

Oh, my. Now, all three are at least a year old. No more "baby ferts." What is a ferrent to do?

But, yeah, both my girls are September babies. Also, their birthdays are just a couple apart. To further the sequence of oddities, I got them both in December. To cap everything off, I got them both in the early part of December (Pixe: 12/03/05; Sian 12/04/08). Ooo, creepy. I'm serious.

One year already--I can't believe it. Happy Birthday, baby girl :)


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope you had lots of fun! Ferret birthdays are the best!

    Hope you are doing well! Glad you are still posting! Love the pics -- they are adorable!


  2. LOL

    Yeah, I'm still around *g*. I've been trying to post a vid. of The Triad eating raw egg, but blogger is being mean and not letting me :(

    Everyone's doing well, here *stumbles over to your blog to check for updates*


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