Saturday, September 12, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

Between one year and the next, I always forget how busy September is for us. The majority of birthdays (both of furkids and not) are this month (Hailey's was yesterday; Dad's and E.'s are coming up, plus anniversaries >ugh<). And with everyone's whacked out schedule, it's hard to get anything done *is sad*.

But, I'm working on getting The Triad back on track. Right now, they're acting like little hellions because I haven't been my usual "oh my god, no! Stop that!" self. They miss it. I can tell.

Also they are in need of a major nail clipping. Like whoa. So, yeah, gotta get that done, soon-ish. And because I am awesome, I'm giving them tilapia for a snack. Oh, yeah. And I guess I have to start feeding them yolks (once a week? once every other week? hmm), because good lord do they love some raw egg. (and, yeah, I got video of them eating it; but blogger is a brat and won't let me upload it. Don't worry, I will conquer the interwebz some how and get it posted >bwhahahaha<. Anyway).

And that's about it. The Triad are crazy, happy and loveably annoying (*g*), and I' :)

Okay. That's it.


  1. Never thought to try giving my guys a raw yolk (great source of omegas, and way cheaper than ferretone!) So far Pan likes it, so this may turn out to be a great thing! Thanks for the idea!

  2. Even though I feed my guys raw, I've always been nervous about giving them raw egg (I've given 'em hardboiled ones--which weren't such a hit *g*).

    But, like you said, they have a lot of good stuff inside that I don't want The Triad to miss out on (and getting it from as natural a source as possible is always a bonus!).


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