Friday, February 20, 2009

updates and pointless ramblings--my specialty

So, the vet called to check up on Sian (psychic much? I was just about to call them). When I told them 'feverish. wheezy breathing, extreme lethargy and passivity', they were rightly concerned (the receptionist said 'oh, god.'). And when I told them she is still a little slower than usual, they did want to check her out, again (seeing as how it's been 2 days). But when I infomed them that she didn't have any vomiting or diaerrhea, they kinda lost interest.

I didn't take offense; she's playing and eating, the only thing is she'll take a few more rests than usual, right now. I did talk to them about the titer tests (thank you, Michelle!). They will do them for $119 a ferret, but Sian has to finish her boosters, first. So, that is a totally viable option, now, for which I am glad :)

We are gonna go with the 4 week wait for her second distemper shot, so she'll be going in on the 18th of next month. Pre-treat and then post-treat >yay!<. It'll still be a situation where I mangle my fingernails and stomach with worry, though.

In other vet news: I forgot some cute little moments! Yogi crawled into my jacket to hide from the mean vets--he also scaled my legs to get into my lap and fight off Sian who was claiming attention. The techs thought the jealousy was cute. Pixie was actually traumatized into cuddling, as well. After her Lupron shot she didn't leave my lap for anything.

But, the most hilarious thing? When Sian was getting her exam done (completely undistracted, because she has never had, nor does she like, ferret-tone), I caught the vet peeking through her stomach fur, and flipping her over to check around her privates. Suddenly, she turns to me and goes, 'huh, I guess Sian is a female. She's just kinda big...and hefty for a girl. That's okay, everyone's an individual!'

I laughed, 'cause I was paranoid, too. I could have sworn when she started growing that she was gonna morph into a boy :)

That's it, for now :) Oh, and the pictures are just Yogi--one's a little older, but the one where he's on the bed, I just snapped a bit ago, after seeing a huge lump under the covers. Tired Yogi is cute *g*.

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  1. That's so funny--I get the same reaction with Tempest...she's a total beast. I joke around that she has a business of feeder ferrets in the room somewhere that I am not aware of...I keep checking to make sure there is no "belly button" LOL

    On a more serious note--Good luck with Sian for her remaining boosters. I will keep her in my prayers. I'm glad I helped in even a small way!!!


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