Saturday, February 21, 2009

Picspam II: The goofballs

PIXIE!!!! and my stained nightstand :(
Sian feeling better--HURRAY!

The Twins wrestling (they have a habit of collapsing the cube. Tubbies).

Yogi's wardance--RAWR

Yogi a.k.a. The Ham

Well, since Sian perked up last night, I thought I'd post some pictures of the ferts playing. I actually took a few short videos, but they didn't really turn out (read: not at all).


  1. I'm glad Sian is feeling better.
    A video would be cool.


  2. LOL Yogi's wardance made him look like a predator eager for his prey! He looks scary lol but in the next photo, he looks like a very harmless creature!

    Much Love,

  3. @ Roy

    I will work on getting some vids where you can actually *see* what's going on :)

    @ halfcrazy

    I love their wardances, and I wish I could get more shots of them, but they usually move to fast to get a picture (luckily I was able to predict where he'd move next and snap capture button quick enough *g*).

  4. I am so very happy that Sian is feeling better now. I don't why there are so many adverse reactions to distemper shots in the US? We don't seem to have that problem here in Oz and maybe it's because our vets use a difference drug?

    All I can say is "phew"! I would be a total wreck if that happened to one of mine and I really feel for you, as their mommy!

  5. @ nona

    In the US, the only official ferret distemper vaccine is Purevax by Merial (this is what Sian had), though if they have a reaction, some vets will switch to Galaxy-D (not official but effective against distemper).

    What was weird with Sian, though, was that I had a sinking feeling about her vaccination. With my other two, I was worried, but not extremely so. With her, I just kinda knew that she would respond unfavorably to it. But, she needs her boosters, so we're kind of stuck (for the first shots, anyway).

    And thank you! Hopefully, the next two shots will go better for everyone. Keep your fingers crossed :)


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