Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Water iz fun

So, more pix of the ferts counter-cruisin'. The theme this time? Water!

I wanted to see if they would enjoy it, if there was no threat of the dreaded shampoo. Over all? Yogi absolutely loved it. I took pictures of him dunking his head under the faucet as it ran water--but I cannot find it, so the best I could was show him playing with *his* selected toys :)
The baby was leary. But she warmed up to it when she found the syringe (and proceeded to stash it on the counter. Finally, Pixie (the aquaphobe) did manage to not be traumatized by the experience. She did the obligatory don't let my feet touch hop-thingy at the start, but even she dunked her head under the water. So, yay!

And, I just had to post the pic (pre-water) of Pixie staring at me :), it was too cute to pass up. Oh, and the last thing? It shocked me, *again*, at how much Sian and Pixie look alike in here.

The order of pictures: Pixie playing with the tea-candy, Yogi playing with the bottle-brush after soaking himself under the faucet, Pixie checking out the water, and finally--Sian after bobbing for the syringe :)

So cute!

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