Monday, January 26, 2009

...they said *what?*

Well, so far Pixie and Yogi both got Lupron shots. Once the baby gets hers it'll be just yearly for that. Maybe it'll help stave off the adrenal disease, but after talking to the ferts' doctor, at least I know that it *won't* interfere with them in any harmful way. Which is about as much as a ferrent can ask for.

In all, it went pretty well. Of course, us being us, we had to get the first-time shot-giving vet techs. They were even learning how to *scruff* properly, and so I was antsy. My babies have always had stressful vet visits (needles being left in, repeated jabbings, freaked out doctors/assistants, bloody wounds, what have you)--and the thing is: my ferrets are patient. They will give them time to do it right. And sometimes the pros still can't do it. So my guys get ticked off and fight. Not that I blame them--I'd do the same.

This time, the vet techs were pretty sturdy and didn't do too bad. Though Yogi's shot was the roughest (and he got the obligatory--"oh my god, he's so BIG!", and all three got the "they look like siblings!").

This was just Sian's intro visit. She got to meet the doctors and play around without getting anything done. She had a blast, and didn't understand why we had to leave. Next time she'll know >bwahahaha<. She didn't understand, either, why Yogi and Pixie looked ready to kill. Once again, she'll figure that one out in a jiffy.

And we found that we had been double, triple and quadruple charged. Yeah. That's great. That's how we spent over $1000 in less than a month, with nothing more major than antibiotics. Yeah. This time? For the whole day it was only $167. That's great for what we had been paying *g*.

In general vet-y news: Pixie and Yogi both gained weight. Pixie gained 80 grams, Yogi gained a lot (vague much?). Thankfully, they both were in range, so I don't have to adjust their ivermectin >yay!<.
All three did great in the carrier together. It was nice having them calm for the almost 2 hour car-ride. I thought it'd be a horror-show (considering how bad it went when it was just Yogi and Pixie). But, they surprised me. Sweet lil things :)
So, whee, two down and only one to go!

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