Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'm sorry; your big, swirly cape distracted me...

So, as my first entry I'll explain what's going to be in this blog. My animals. There. That's really about it. I have other journals for day-to-day stuff; I just decided that 'hey, I need a place to just write about my guys.' And since I'm an animal lover, I went and did just that.

So. Welcome.

To start: my family has twelve pets, total. I myself have four: a dog named Ben, a cat named Callie, and two ferrets--Pixie, who is a 3 year old female sable standard and Yogi, who's an almost 5 mo. old male hooded chocolate. These two are going to be the main subjects ;)

More info: I feed raw diets to my dog and ferts. My cat is recalcitrant about it (ever since she got attacked by a praying mantis, she's scared of any type of food items that is not kibble). So, I'm kind of a big advocator of it. Sorry if that gets annoying. Also? Any type of animal-related topics will most likely be discussed here. Vets and antics and behaviors and routines and rants about all and sundry. You get the point :)

Well, that's the intro. Whew.

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