Tuesday, July 23, 2013

in the ongoing (non)saga ...

I'd like to say I've been dedicated in trying to get Anya on to a raw diet.  And I could say that, but I'd be lying.  The biggest obstacle is being able to get her to taste anything.  There's no way I can get her semi-restrained - she becomes terrified, and I am not willing to traumatize her in the name of switching.  Trying the fasting method doesn't work, because even with a small wait (less than four hours) of having her food up and the raw soup down, she'll go into starvation, so when her kibble is given back, she won't even eat that.  She just drinks water and sleeps and gets hellaciously skinny.  Rubbing food on her nose or paw just results in her sliding across the floor (that's never worked on any of my guys.  They're not stupid, and they don't think the only way to get it off is to lick it off.  They prefer rubbing it all over me then scampering off).  So, by the end of the experimentation on different ways to begin a switch, Anya was smug (if underweight) and I had just given up, made my peace with feeding Epigen 90 (for a kibble, it's the best one you're gonna get), and moved on.

I will say, though, that yesterday, I splurged.  I decided to pay a ridiculous amount of money (see? Ridiculous) for a small bag of Wysong Archetypal-1.  It's freeze dried raw, and may be a way to get her on kinda-raw (at least a little) when it's mixed with her kibble.  I've heard it's ferret-crack, and they typically love it, so thought I'd give it a shot :)  It shouldn't cause an issue re: digestion, because it's dehydrated, and so will take longer to pass through (just like kibble).  We'll see how that goes.

Well, yep.  That's the news :)

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