Thursday, September 13, 2012

stubborn ferrets, unexpected voice mails, and masochism

So, Anya's being incredibly stubborn about even trying the new kibbles (just a little pinch of each, and she digs in it, scatters it, drops it in her water bowl.  She has even, the adorable brat, went potty in her water bowl in protest, as well as taken up alligator rolling at my feet to let me know just how upset she is. Oh my god, bb, it's only like TWO pieces of new kibble, calm down and EAT.)

She also is coughing more.  I don't know what that means, but she started, like, as soon as she got home from the vets Thursday.  You know, after we got the "everything looks and sounds great!" from Dr. Paul.  Oh, of course.

Still waiting on Hiko's results, so haven't gotten any calls.  And I've been on tenterhooks about it, checking my phone and messages like a maniac.  It wasn't helped that I had two voice mails from numbers I didn't recognize (not the vet), then it got into my saved messages, where I had apparently saved Dr. Paul informing me that Pixie's test results were Not Good and that he needed to speak with me.

Because I'm a masochist, I listened to it twice, and I remembered when I first got that message, busy with practicum, thinking, we know what it is, there's hope, when in reality it marked the beginning of so much pain and heartache and guilt.  The beginning of the end.

And I still have the message saved.

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