Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Say 'ello to my mom's feetsies - she helped corral the three big guys on our "walk". Thank god for extra hands!

Feeling better ... well, okay, I still feel like crap, but "crap" is about 100% better than yesterday, to be sure.  I managed to get Rula and Neera outside (separately, as I only have the one harness that fits my teeny girls - Rula, Neera, and Anya).  They enjoyed that.  Now all I've got to do is get them put up and get Anya out.  I'm hoping I can dredge up more energy from somewhere and get her on a walk, as well, today.

My mom took pity on me yesterday, too, and went to PetCo and got Anya more food (since she was reaaally low).  Also picked me up an air-tight container for it, so I don't have to worry about humidity and the like getting in there and ruining the kibble.  Although really, reading the damn ingredient list (chicken by-products as the first ingredient, herring meal, dried brewer's yeast, dried beets as some of the very.  first.  ingredients?  Not much there to ruin, tbh, it's already a pile of crap.)  

Oh, the joy of feeding kibble.  Can't you tell how happy I am about it?

Ugh.  Anyway.  Vet appointments Friday, ahoy!

(the end.)

ETA: and I did manage to take Anya for a 30 minute walk outside this evening - go me.  She even let me get the harness neck hoop over her head without help, the sweetie.  We only went inside when she got lost in the strawberry planters and slipped loose of the harness and leash :)

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