Thursday, September 27, 2012

in which I'm fond of parentheses, pictures and rambling

So, a few things:

Instead of dealing with the flu, I'm now dealing with a cold.  Hurray.


so many little. frozen. critter corpses.

is my whole prey freezer, and yes - I have a whole freezer JUST for whole prey.  The side-by-side is a dedicated raw freezer, so >;D .  As you can see - stocking up.  Not quite there, but almost.  Left side is mice (all adults, some hairless, most furred); middle is rats (large and super jumbo) and right is chicks.  When I get the mice levels to where I'm happy, I'll go to RodentPro and start stocking up on guinea pigs.

For a raw/whole prey feeder, this is exciting stuff, guys.  Serious, so serious.

I also managed (while feeling icky on top of it.  that gets me extra brownie points, right?) to scrub the big three's room AND cage (I just failed to do laundry, oops).  The reason?

The big three had gotten excited hearing Anya first run the downstairs and then leash up for a walk later in the day.  So I decided to level the playing field somewhat and let them roam the downstairs for a bit:

I do this^ ...

... and this^ is the reaction I get. (but he absolutely loves having his scruff scratched. leans into it like a cat :*)

Opossum, my possum

more and more these days, I'm seeing these two together

Yogi Terror sniffing out dirty doggie mats.  Ferrets let you hide about zero shame.

It's a bomb!  It's a - !  It's actually carpet cleaner they knocked off my junk table. See? What'd I say about shame? Now the internet knows I have a junk.  table.  Stoopid.

Seeing as how they were out and not in their room, I had the brilliant thought of "zomg, I could cleannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn," so I did.  Scrubbed their nasty little flexi-tile floor with hot soapy water, then used my carpet broom (yes, that's right.  carpet broom.  even though the  big three don't have carpet) to brush up the debris (litter from when I tried litterbox training them in the room.  yeah, laugh it up).  Then after it dried (mostly) I put them back in and gave up all pretense that they would stick to the two piddle pad rule I have been trying to impose.  They have like six freaking piddle pads right in front of their plexiglass through-way, now, the devils.  Screw it.  Better than them dirtying up the floor even more, eh?

Then I scrubbed down the cage with more hot, soapy water, changed litter (they'll use it in the cage, some); found some unused shower curtains, the metal ones, and because the big three refuse to use the full 2nd floor of their FN as anything other than another potty-zone, but also refuse to the leave the damn piddle pad alone, I clipped the piddle pad to the sides of the cage.  I let them out this morning, and sure enough, the piddle pad (clipped) was able to survive the big three's renovation efforts!  Yay, less mess (and with Yogi, Sian, and Hiko that's all you can wish for).

Tonight, I'll sweep as needed, wash the floor with my Swiffer antibacterial and then vacuum when it dries.  Pray I can keep up this regimen, because 1) it's NECESSARY AND 2) I might be able to get a ~kind of~ respectable floor again if I keep it up.

Of course, when I let the big three out, Anya was still trying to wind down from her jaunt outside (she got to meet the UPS guy, delivering ferret food [whole prey].  That was a fun discussion once he realized the boxes he was lugging around was filled to the brim with dead critters.  He even asked, "Oh!  How did you get her on to kibble?" [as if ferrets these days come eating whole prey, *snerk*].  Oh, I just laughed and replied, "the better question to ask me is, 'how do you get her off of kibble?'"  Not very well, obviously, not very well).  So she saw these huge, healthy ferrets running around when she couldn't, and how did she respond?

This is how:

... NOT FAIR!!!! ...

what about meeeeeeeeee?
(also got a check in call from the vet for Hiko and Anya.  Apparently, Hiko's stuff is only going to cost $50?  But I have a feeling they're forgetting the "medical problem" fee they charge, which is in itself $50.  So probably $100 or there abouts.  Not bad.  Hopefully.)

Til tomorrow and said vet updates, then!

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