Wednesday, April 4, 2012

the world is that much dimmer, now

I promise I will get back on track soon, but I just received the vet's sympathy card, and it was very sweet. This is really the first time that my pets have received such care, even in death, from their doctors, and it touches me, it tends to help ease the pain that much more.

The man may charge an arm and a leg, but he's absolutely worth it.

(and this I've posted the pics, I might as well type the text out so you can see it, if you can't from the image:

 "Ann, though difficult, the caring decision you made for your friend reflected the love you shared. Our thoughts are with you.

 With deepest condolences for your loss of Pixie. She was one extremely sweet ferret who was blessed by the love of one very caring individual. You did everything you could to help her and when the time was right you let her go, with dignity. May her spirit linger in your memory for your lifetime. 


 Dr. Paul"

 The handwritten note, from the vet himself nearly did me in. I don't know why. I just sat in the car going "That's Dr. Paul's handwriting," when I saw the addressed envelope (usually, it's a typed label or the vet tech does the writing).

 It's just - Pixie was awesome, my pride and joy, and I want the world that I can reach to know, to know her, how incredible she was, how amazing, and how much the loss hurts. Because it does, it really, really does.)

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