Saturday, March 10, 2012

spilled ink

So, I got this little thing done yesterday (9th) at an ink shop near my sister's. 7 little ferret pawprints, one for each of my current guys (+ Yew). It's going to be a lead-in for what's going to be a custom half sleeve (upper arm).

In other ferret-y news, things are holding steady. Pixie's getting her glucose monitored (so far she's clear); she has a des., and she got her skin tumor removed with no regrowth. Hiko's adrenals are enlarged, but I can't get the des. from my vet without first getting the Tennessee blood panel done, so that's on hold until I can afford it (soon, soon!) and his spleen is also enlarged, yeck. The babies, also, moved into Cinder's old room this winter (Cinder sadly passed away in November), since, yeah. They are not welcomed (except by Pixie) by the Tetrad :C

Pretty good, business wise, all told. Thank god.

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