Monday, December 5, 2011

paranoia like flat soda

I really need to get some new pictures in. What's a ferret blog if there's no pictures? ETA: WAIT! Here are some I took exactly a month ago. BAAAAAAAAAAAABIES! ;D
Anyway, updates on Pixie! She had her surgery. Dr. P found some cysts attached to her stomach. He removed two (one about the size of a nickel, one about the size of a dime), and there was a third, but the location made it impossible to remove so he drained it and left it to where, he says, it shouldn't be able to abscess again. He did NOT have to remove her spleen, but he did find a tumor on her pancreas. She has adrenal, and also the earliest possible stage of pancreatic cancer (insulinoma). She's going in the 23rd to have another minor surgery (to remove the basal skin tumor on her shoulder), and she'll be implanted with the des. implant, get her bg tested, and get her belly ultrasounded again to see if any cysts/problems have reemerged or if she's steadily improving.

She was amazing for the staple removal (I got to hold her during it), and she gained 190g in the two weeks since that first surgery, so now she's getting back to her old size (right now she's a smidge of 2 lbs. If I can get her to 2.5 lbs we'll be good!).

For this next visit, I've got to call ahead and see if I can bring in Yogi, Sian and Hiko. I want them to get vaxed, and I want Hiko to get a bit of a more thorough check over. I don't have much of a history on him (being a rescue), but his belly is feeling a bit tight (so I'm wondering if something is enlarged in there :\ ). He's also the other one, besides Pixie, who often has bacterial issues (rememberrrrrrrrrrr?), so gotta keep an eye out.

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