Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Introducing ... NEERA!

(... because I haven't done so formally yet, ;D ).

So. Neera.

I'm guessing her birthday is the same, or close to, Rula's birthday of June 5, so that makes her 10 weeks and 3 days old. She's a unique looking champagne girl, with more of a possum-look about her. She also appears to have micropthalmia, or tiny eyeballs, and her vision is pretty bad. I can tell she can see some but I'm guessing only shadows, so she's a bit clumsier, tends to fall off things a LOT and startle more.

She also LOVES FABRIC, YAY. I've never had a fabric chewer but she is definitely giving me a run for my money in that department as well as in the food department. She's surprisingly stubborn for a baby, and currently has me running around trying to figure out a way to keep her 1) flushed out and 2) with a full belly. So far she's not impressed with any of my efforts.

BUT she's great, and I love her to death, and Rula's now a happy, bouncy kit once more, so I can't complain (I mean, look at that face. Who'd even want to?).

Welcome, newest baby! PLEASE GOD stop running me ragged :-\

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