Tuesday, October 19, 2010

very mini picspam: TUNNELS

So, yeah, that's a few shots of the Triad (mainly just Sian and Pixie in those shots) playing with the tunnels. The layout's changed again (hey, that's half the fun and the damn things ARE my bday gifts, after all, ahahaha), and the ferts are getting some good use out of 'em.

Also, Sian's winter coat came in over night, so now she's a fluffy, HUNGRY RAWR mess of really beautifully soft fur. Yogi's working on his (the face fur's thickened, but nothing's caught up yet), and Pixie's just going to hold off until the last minute, apparently.

I wasn't joking, though. Sian's a little terror about food, right now. 3 squares a day and no skipping, I swear :\ Hopefully it'll taper off, but outside of meal times, she's a little lap fert, just like Yogi. It's all cuddles and kisses. I'm sensing another 3 and 4.5-5lb winter ahead, respectively.

And, that's about it for tonight, I think :D

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