Saturday, October 16, 2010

Introductory Post: Kai

No, it's not another ferret. I wouldn't do that to the Triad.

First, though, the name Kai is surprisingly multi-lingual. But some of the best meanings are: strong/unbreakable, victory/triumphant, safe harbor, willow tree, love, and unceasing. In Cornish, it also means "dog," ahaha.

But, I hear you ask, who the frick is Kai? Well, Kai is ...

*It's dark, I know, but if you can - THE FACE. It's such a sweet little face. Also, apologies for the disarray behind the kitten. My sis just recently moved out (this was her room) and between really sick nieces and now the new kitten, we haven't given much thought to straightening up the remnants of the move.*

... a little tailless calimanco (tortoise and calico) or what I prefer - Clouded Tiger cat - she has no tail, guys. NO TAIL, just a tiny little stump that wiggles. It is so cute. My mom found her out in our pasture early this morning. Betty (one of our five dogs) was sitting beside her, rolling her over and licking at her when my mom - who had heard meows and calls - almost stumbled on her.

She's tiny, and bony, but she's sweet, and very human oriented (at least with my mom and me), which is surprising for a stray, IMO. But I was told that when a feral cat "makes up their mind" about seeking help, they're like that. Feral, and then attached quickly and permanently. Which is really what has seemed to have happened here. She also has an affinity for perching on shoulders.

She's eating and drinking, and her eyes a light, soft green (like Asai's). My mom and I are taking shifts in Kai's temporary room, as she gets very, very upset when left alone and she seems to prefer rotating out her two people so that she gets to see everyone she thinks is hers, instead of just one person staying with her constantly.

In the picture she's actually laying on me, since that's the only way I could get a picture since she was in my face (she had been left alone for about 15 or so minutes) and climbing all over me until she relaxed enough to feel sleepy.

Shade and Betty are very interested in her. Bronx stealth sniffs at her, and Dee could care less. ( Ben will only ever meet her when she's bigger and starts roaming outside and gets in the pen with him (probably); but he did sniff out the spot she was found and marked it like mad, apparently. The cats are all in an uproar (except Callie, who's just pretending she doesn't exist for now) and don't know what to do.

She has an appointment Monday at 10, so I'll update this with approximate age and all that stuff as we learn about her (because I can, that's why), but I'll still do a Triad post later, 'cause TOYS :DDDDDDD

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