Thursday, October 14, 2010

fortune says ...

*Here's my dad holding Sian. For some reason, he got really interested in the Triad last night, even calling them out of the cage to come say hi to him. It was so cute, awww*

I just got home from classes and checked in on the Triad. Now, they get out around 7 in the morning and are free to roam their room until bedtime. But they sleep a lot, and they prefer sleeping in the FN, and they also go potty in it when they wake up from their naps, as well.

Well, guys, an almost full day and there was no accidents on the floor of the cage. There *was* a lot of poo in the box, though. I mean, I don't think Pixie would need to go all that much.

It'll be clearer tonight and tomorrow morning how they behave. But zomg - maybe this litterbox really DOES work for stubborn poopers. I can't even imagine having all three using the litterbox reliably. God, a dream.


It's funny, too, because THIS morning the Twins had pottied on the floor and on the shirt (Pixie fell into the change easily, so C:) I had laid down to try to dissuade them from doing that very thing. So I cleaned up the cage, put their accidents in the box's corners to get their smell in there and not just Miss Pix's, and then - since they hadn't gone to the bathroom yet - I put them in there and gave them lots of attention.

They didn't freak out or anything. They actually stayed in the cage and kept going back and forth into the litterbox, like "okay, what's this MEAN???" It was so cute, and you could just see them all befudddled, but trying SO HARD to connect the dots (meanwhile Pixie was looking toward their antics, like "you guys are the stupidest things I have ever had to interact with.")

But this afternoon I was so pleased that you can believe they were getting a whole bunch of "OMG, MY GOOD BABIES. YOU ARE SO GOOD." KISS KISS KISS They were loving the overwhelming attention, even if they were a little ? about *why* it was happening.

It's just glee right now. That is all.

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