Friday, April 9, 2010

EEK! it's the baby!

Here, have two almost identical pictures of Sian:

Ain't she cute?

Yeah, I can answer that myself ;D

She also, apparently, thinks that when my hair's in a braid that it magically transforms into THE BESTEST TOY EVA, OMGZZZ!!!1!!! She spent about 15 minutes trying to figure out how to stash it. She was confused when she could only go so far before my body, you know, stopped her. She'd sit there and yank on it, and I could practically see the 'I'm not sure why you keep doing that *headscratch*.'

I finally had to twist my braid up so she'd leave it alone, because I'm sure the next step would have been trying to scalp me or something :C

Otherwise, she's sweet as ever, and oh so tiny, as you can probably tell from the pics. Also, slightly demented looking, but that's Sian for ya *g*

Gave The Triad ivermectin last night (heartworm preventative). Everyone did well except for Pixie - she did her usual spazz out, and tried to puke it back up. When that didn't work, she tried glaring me to death *le sigh*.

Not much else on that front. But I got some chicken livers, and am determined to get them to eat a bit this time. RAWR.


  1. Why do you give them ivermectin? I thought your guys were indoor ferrets? Also, do you notice any changes in poops after?

  2. I give them ivermectin because even 1 mesquito bite can infect them with heartworms, and that's not a risk I want to take, indoor or not. I mean, I leave windows open, and I've seen those suckers get through the screening, so :C

    Besides, oral ivermectin is about $30 a year, so it's uber expensive (not like my dog's intercepter which is about $140/year)

    As for poo, no. I can't say I've seen anything abnormal, and I'm pretty paranoid about medicines, so I keep a wary eye out. Pixie only throws a tantrum because of all the icky medicines she was on for her heliobacter infection awhile back.

  3. um, yeah, make that *inexpensive* not expensive /o\


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