Thursday, September 17, 2009

pointless updates and creepy imagery

*The Lovebirds being all lovey, and Sian being oblivious*

Well, so Pixie just fell out of the cage. It wasn't even a simple tumble. No, she had to be all complex and twisty and painful to see. Ouch.

Also, my poor girl was stunned (and I think oddly embarrassed) to the point where (after a hurried check over) I had to carry her around for a bit until she regained her equilibrium.

A meal of boneless chicken thighs helped. But, oh, my sweet little girl :(

On a happier note: no more little visitors (at least that I've been aware of. Um.). Also, video posting is still, according to blogger, a big fat NO for this blog (why? seriously?). But, I'm gonna keep trying, because I'm all for beating dead things with sticks.

And, that's all for Triad-related news. I know.

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