Monday, September 14, 2009

no--that really IS a snake in my pocket

Well, so, it finally happened. I've actually been waiting for the day when some kind of unexpected wildlife happens its way into the ferret room.
That wait is officially over. Today, I wandered into The Triad's room to collect their spare set of food bowls. As I was bending down, I saw this little, blackish thing wiggling along the baseboards. I first thought, "ugh, what a weird little worm" and started looking for something to scoop him up in and transport him outside.
Next thing I know, the little worm is trying to curl into a ball, and when that doesn't work, he starts slithering as fast as his little body can take him. I stood there, blurted out 'oh my god, that's a snake' and took off to get help (because I 1) am a huge wuss and 2) didn't--in my panic--actually want to hurt the poor thing).
We were able to get him into one of the baskets that are in The Triad's room, and we let my nieces take a good gander at him. He was actually a deep green that started at the head and shaded into black nearer the tail. He also had one thin band of bright yellow around his...neck (?) or at least the area directly below his head. And he was tiny.
I'm wondering if I should be expecting any more visitors like that. I hope not. Really, really.
So, yeah. Fun times *g*.
Also, the pictures are of The Triad's water adventures from two days ago. The Girls actually got in it, but Yogi was a big chicken and would just thief the balls from over the edge of the litter pan. They had fun, though (and Pixie was actually the first in; hurray! Miss Pix).
And that's about it, for now :)

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