Wednesday, February 25, 2009

thinking *inside* the box is sometimes the best solution

You know how I always go on about how the baby crying riles the ferrets up? I usually pay for it when Yogi goes Godzilla in the cage. Well...Yogi finally used his brains to come up with a better plan (and I can't protest or find offense with, thank god).

Here's how it happened:

I have plexiglass tracks installed in my doorway (this way I can peek in on them when I'm taking care of my nieces), and I only close the door when I go to bed. Last night, the baby started crying and screaming, and I raced into my sister's room to go and get her. As I was heading in there, I turn to look in the ferret room (since they were still out), and I found myself staring at the door. Apparently, Yogi has taken it upon himself to slam the door shut whenever the baby cries.

It was kind of funny, and I had seen him 'practicing' before, though I never paid it much mind. He'd nose the door forward, then zoom around and push it back. Over and over and over. At the time, I just thought it was a new game he had cooked up. Obviously, it served more of a purpose than I thought.

This new solution, though, saved me from a night of frustration (which I had been dreading). They all were wonderful in the cage, >yay!<, and that's something I do not take for granted, now.

Who would ever have thought--close the door and block out the noise. Radical thinking, that.



  1. What a smart boy!! Good for him!!

  2. Okay , fast forward to many years in the future. I see a retired Yogi working as a doorman for the Golden

  3. They are spoilt! The one in bottom pic even has got his (or her) own little armchair!


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