Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wait. Who said that's not edible? And why is the ground tilting?

*Firstly, can we say fail, class? At least he's closer to the water >ugh<. Despite evidence to the contrary, he actually did get in*

*Aw, my sweet Yogi-Terror with a Godzilla complex. Adorable*

oohoo. Oooo. Well, for all my bragging about the cheap vet a call from them, and the receptionist was FRANTIC. Apparently, they *undercharged* us. Yeah. $38 and some change. Because, really, they *don't* have a Grand Canyon-sized profit margin. Really. Honestly. Please pay or the world ends as we know it.


After being charged $40 something per ferret per trip, when what was that? Oh, yeah, the $40 was supposed to be YEARLY and the rest of the time office visits were $7.95 per ferret per trip. And, oh, yeah, your well-informed receptionist tried to convince us that if we DID NOT BRING THE FERTS IN MONTHLY that the price per ferret per visit was then $52, and the only way that "little matter" got cleared up damn fast was when we said 'hell, no, we'll find a different vet', and then, lo and behold the head-honcho gets on the phone and straightens it up.

And let's not forget how the damn vet techs wanted to DOUBLE VACCINATE Yogi who just got finished with his boosters A MONTH AGO.
ETA: we can't forget about how they LOVE to give rabies and distemper together. Yeah. Which is the reason I had to wait 'til Sian was at least 3 months old before even taking her in, because, though I plan to fight it tooth and nail this time, they surprised me with Yogi's shots (and wouldn't listen when I said, "what the hell are you doing? NO."), and I couldn't risk the chance of them jabbing her anyway when she isn't old enough for rabies. >ARGHHHHHHHHH<. Yeah. I can see where their business would tumble into dead, dusty financial obscurity. But, having already gone through, what? Four vets for my furkids? We paid up (really? That fuss when Sian goes in next month for a whopper--$52 vaccine exam, distemper booster ($45) and lupron [$94], then 2 weeks after that rabies, then two weeks after that distemper again? REALLY?).

>GRRRRRRRRRRRRR<. Yeah, I just type-growled. Stupid people. Stupid, greedy people and stupid, necessary vets. If they were awesome and cared about the animals I wouldn't mind. But they're rude and callous...and I am damn near running out of vets to try.

In other, everyday kinda news: I ordered some more Aunt Jeni's because damn can my babies eat *g*. Also, I bought chicken necks from them >yay!<. My guys are gonna have fun. 'Cause at the store? Only turkey necks, and ferts don't eat the whole thing and turkey necks are WAY too hard to saw through (and our only butcher shop around here? Um, >ewww<, would not trust them to have handled it correctly. So, hurrah, and for 12 it's only $3.95 :) More power to the all-women owned and operated Aunt Jeni's! You guys rock!

Gotta take the goodhappy news where you can get it, apparently. And I've gotten. Heh. Sorry.

Alright. That's it for now. Here I go to upload pix (I found Yogi's water adventures >woot!).

Friday, January 30, 2009

Huh? WTF?

*Reading iz fun*

*Pixie. Is. Always. Regal. The End.*

*Books are nom.*

Uh, yeah. Blogger's been it's prompted me to change to a nice, shiny *new* URL and a new look. You like? Maybe the 'error' messages will stop now? I have no clue, so we'll see...
On to ferret-y news.

Yogi and Pixie have actually perked up since getting the Lupron shots. Pixie races around and *dooks* every DAY.
Yeah. I know. Pixie. Playing. Wow.

I've set the baby up for close to the end of February (because, hey, my reading has led me to believe that it's best for females to get the shot in Feb-March). We have also decided that all three will get the melatonin implants come fall. Just to keep them nicely regulated (though artificial light is practically nil for them. What? I'm paranoid. It's a gift).

Of course, Yogi resumed his terrible Godzilla status. I have found, though, that if I scruff him and wait for him to then move away from the litter box O'DOOM and then give him massive amounts of pettings and praise that he usually behaves and goes upstairs to sleep.
We're getting there. Slowly and a bit unsurely. Still.

In other news: THE BABY KILLS ME WITH THE LOVE. Oh, the love. She is such a wonderful mama's girl. And I am smitten. Smitten, I tell you. No one can beat Sian for sheer kisses and cuddles (just for me, all for me). I did warn that I am incredibly lame, right? Right? Well, if not, now you know.

All's right in my world *g*

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What's *really* in a name?


Origin: Welsh, for 'Jane' (Hebrew). Meaning: God's gracious gift.
And because my mom threw it out there, we always pronounced it "Sigh-Ann". Actually? Sian has two possible pronounciations: Sharn or Shahn. So, oopsy, but I like the spelling, and our pronounciation of it, so it's not changing one bit :)

Personality/characteristics: out and out mama's girl.  This is my baybee.  Snuggly and sweet, sticks close by and gets depressed if she doesn't see me as often as she thinks she should.  Was a hilarious "little sister" with Yogi while Pixie was with us.  After Pix's passing, that dynamic dissolved.  These days, Sian spends more time with Hiko.  She as the leader, he the follower.


Origin: Indian (Sanskrit). Form of: itself. Meaning: Master of oneself.
I'll say this: I named Yogi...well, Yogi, because he reminded me of the cartoon. No other reason. But the name fits, and he is kinda fitting into the actual meaning (thanks to my one and only Pixie).

Personality/characteristics: I should break this up into WP (With Pixie) and AP (After Pixie).  WP: Pixie's bonded cagemate.  Doofball.  Big brotherish (with Sian).  Could be snuggly, always sweet.
AP: once again, a self-perceived "alpha."  Dominating (with Hiko), would bully Sian more but he can't get away with it; more of a loner, though still people-sweet; won't go out of his way to spend a large amount of time with us, though he has his snuggly moments. Not really agile or quick.  When he tussles, he uses brute force mostly.

PIXIE (2005 - 2012):
Origin: Celtic and/or Swedish. Form of: piskie or pyske. Meaning: playful sprite; small fairy.
Okay, you see where this one came from, right? Altered jill=sprite. Pixie=sprite.

Personality/chacteristics: effortless leader; teacher; highly maternal.  Spunky and definitely had her own opinions about things. Got more cuddly as she got older,  but still not one of her favorite ways to spend her time.  Explorer.  Definite climber.  Could wrestle the bejeesus out of anyone.

The following description somehow just .... fits:

Have e’er you seen the Pixies, the fold not blest or banned?
They walk upon the waters; they sail upon the land,
They make the green grass greener where’er their footsteps fall,
The wildest hind in the forest comes at their call.
The Pixies--Nora Chesson

Oh, how we miss you, sweet baby. DIP, love.

HIKO (Gotcha November 2010 - 2013):

Origin: Japanese and Inuit.  Meaning: (Japanese) Boy; (Inuit) Ice.  There, apparently is a Native American meaning of the word, too, which is used as a term for the phrase "white man's town."
Of course, I picked this because smoosh the Japanese and Inuit together?  "Ice boy," for a lightly sprinkled silver ferret (kinda like shadows on the ice field!  eeee!).

Personality/characteristics: shows Waardy characteristics.  A little socially awkward with ferrets, loves to investigate and get cuddles.  When sick, he's a lap ferret through and through.  When he's well, he likes frequent, brief pets and kisses.  Is a climber.  And a screamer.  And a follower, if he doesn't get bullied.  Mostly friendly with Sian.

RULA (2011 - 2014):

Origin: English, Latin, Arabic.  Meaning: Commander, ruler.
This is, honestly, another Mom-picked name.  We didn't know the meaning until after I got her and named her it (my mom had thrown it out there a long time ago.  I had always liked it, and kept it in the back of my mind in the event of ever getting another female.  Which.  You know :D :D :D)

Personality/characteristics: (with me) hyper, nippy, clingy.  Likes to give kisses and hang around me.  Is fearful of other ferrets besides Neera, but comes to accept them if they don't bully her.  Avoids most other people besides me.

I just hope you know that I love you, sweet girl, with all my heart, and I'm so, so sorry that I couldn't spend as much time with you as you needed after Neera passed away.  I always knew you missed her terribly, and needed me to make up for your loss, and I couldn't.  I didn't.  Be happy, now, you are with your sister again.  I know that's all you've wanted.  My girl, my lovely little girl.

NEERA (2011 - 2013):

Origin: Spanish, Greek.  Variant of: Deyanira.  Meaning: devastating, capable of great destruction.
Another Mom-picked name.  When integrating Rula with the big guys failed spectacularly, I decided to go back and get another kit (singlets are hard!).  I already knew I wanted a female, and I knew what the colors of the kits were, since we had gotten to the store, to pick Rula up, before they had even arrived at the store from the transporter.  They were three, a chocolate sable (Rula) and two champagnes.  With that, the evening before we were to go to the pet store and get another kit, my mom (as she is wont to do) started throwing out names.  Once she said "Neera" it stuck.  Much like with Sian, Neera was named before I had even picked her out.

Personality/characteristics: usually calm, laid back; thinker of the pair, will tolerate other people.  Is the self-perceived "alpha" between her and Rula, and will get upset if something threatens that perception (like another ferret).

I still can't believe you're gone.  It was so sudden and unexpected that I can't wrap my mind around it to this day.  But I can say this:  I am happy I got to share in your life.  I will always, always be thankful for that, for being able to know you as the wonderful being you are.  Watch over Rula, wherever you are, she still needs you.  With all our love, baby girl, rest easy.


Origin: Russian, Sanskrit, Hebrew.  (Russian)  Diminutive of:  Anna.  (Hebrew) Derived from: Hannah.  Meaning: (Russian, Hebrew) gracious, bringing good favor.  (Sanskrit) inexhaustibleness. Also, in Hungarian means "mother."
Another Mom-picked name, how many does that make?  This little girl was surrendered to a local PetCo, where I immediately snatched her up, since she was special needs (deaf, adrenal).  I sent my mom a few pics of her and my mom, doing her thing, began thinking of names.  Anya was thrown out there and it just clicked, from where I was watching Anya cruise around the confines of my sister's apartment bathroom.

Personality/characteristics: my newest fert-y.  I'm still learning who she is.  So far?  Very sweet, very intuitive.  Very dependent on her patterns and rituals.  Will throw tantrums by alligator rolling on my feet or at nothing.  Not cuddly by any means.  Fearless.  An explorer.  Stubborn.


Current incarnations of playgroups (and the nicknames I come up with for them) are as follows:

"The Big 3"/"the big guys": Yogi, Hiko, Sian
"The babies": Rula and Neera
And then there's my singlet (though I've hopes of integrating her with the babies): Anya

Universal pet names: "bubsy,"  (I don't know, it just started happening), ferritsy (ferritsies), or sweet baby.

Although Rula and Neera are "the babies,"  Sian is often known as "my baby."

Yogi is sometimes known as Yogi Terror, Yogi Bear, Mr. Yogi, or Yogs.  Sometimes, as well, I'll call him my sad puppy.

Past terms you may see in the blog:
Pixie was known as Miss Pixie, Miss Pix, or just Pix.  For posts including her, go here.
Pixie and Yogi were "the lovebirds."
Yogi and Sian were known as "the twins," back in their heyday.

Monday, January 26, 2009

...they said *what?*

Well, so far Pixie and Yogi both got Lupron shots. Once the baby gets hers it'll be just yearly for that. Maybe it'll help stave off the adrenal disease, but after talking to the ferts' doctor, at least I know that it *won't* interfere with them in any harmful way. Which is about as much as a ferrent can ask for.

In all, it went pretty well. Of course, us being us, we had to get the first-time shot-giving vet techs. They were even learning how to *scruff* properly, and so I was antsy. My babies have always had stressful vet visits (needles being left in, repeated jabbings, freaked out doctors/assistants, bloody wounds, what have you)--and the thing is: my ferrets are patient. They will give them time to do it right. And sometimes the pros still can't do it. So my guys get ticked off and fight. Not that I blame them--I'd do the same.

This time, the vet techs were pretty sturdy and didn't do too bad. Though Yogi's shot was the roughest (and he got the obligatory--"oh my god, he's so BIG!", and all three got the "they look like siblings!").

This was just Sian's intro visit. She got to meet the doctors and play around without getting anything done. She had a blast, and didn't understand why we had to leave. Next time she'll know >bwahahaha<. She didn't understand, either, why Yogi and Pixie looked ready to kill. Once again, she'll figure that one out in a jiffy.

And we found that we had been double, triple and quadruple charged. Yeah. That's great. That's how we spent over $1000 in less than a month, with nothing more major than antibiotics. Yeah. This time? For the whole day it was only $167. That's great for what we had been paying *g*.

In general vet-y news: Pixie and Yogi both gained weight. Pixie gained 80 grams, Yogi gained a lot (vague much?). Thankfully, they both were in range, so I don't have to adjust their ivermectin >yay!<.
All three did great in the carrier together. It was nice having them calm for the almost 2 hour car-ride. I thought it'd be a horror-show (considering how bad it went when it was just Yogi and Pixie). But, they surprised me. Sweet lil things :)
So, whee, two down and only one to go!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy 25th, POPPET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, what's a girl to do when it's her sister's birthday? That's right: ANNOY THE CRAP OUTTA HER. And I, on the special occasion of Poppet's 25th birthday, did JUST THAT--by snapping a whole bunch of pix as she tried to get ready >bwahhahahahahaha<.
*because I promised my sis she could do whatever she wanted to my hair for her b-day. What'd she do? Rubber cement!*

*Wheeee! Vogue it out! Yes, that's me being all stalkerish in the mrror *g*

*Happy B-day girl SINGS!!!!

*No one can ever pose enough >heehee<

*Poppet's finished product in all the glory: pretty and (slightly) pissed*

Electro-shock therapy--a GREAT way to start the day!

*Acting like a cat. Completely self-satisfied, and with a tail still static-y*

She refuses to take any pictures that she isn't looking her best in >heehee<*

*Yogi, full of static and loving it*

*Attack, attack! Sian (who's hair is still sticking up from the 'electro-shock' blanket) and Yogi playing (no, I'm not crazy--Yogi's burrowing under the blanket)*

*Sian, doing her version of the weasel war-dance *g*

In preparation of cleaning (once again) the fert-room, I did laundry last night. Yay, clean fert AND human bedding *g*. Well, so, being in the nature of ferrets, I had helpers. Turned out, you can't make a bed properly without having at least one ferret buried under the sheets as you tuck them in. Nor can you put a blanket on the bed without playing 'Popcorn the Weasel'.

Add to that a very static-y blanket, and what do you get? Demon ferrets running around a shocking the bejesus out of each other and me. I was surprised--they actually liked it. They would rub themselves along the blanket until the crackling became *audible* and then run up to another fert and plant their noses whereever they could reach, only to run away and do it over again (Pixie loved waiting 'til Yogi and Sian started wrestling. As soon as they really got into it, there she'd be--ready to zap 'em). Huh. It was hilarious, though, seeing every single hair stick up on end *g*.

Okay. Think that's it for now :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

It just kinda looks like a sugar-crazed toddler started flinging the camera around...

*Sorry about me being in the pic, at this point the above arrangement was the only thing getting Yogi half-way to still*

*Apparently, Sian's only goal was to attack my camera*

*Sian, pre-attack. And here I thought she loved me, but she only wanted closer to her target :(. And, yeah, my hair is all frizzed out because I had that little monster wrestling in it*

*Here is my sweet Pixie. Yay! For a sorta good pose >smooches<*

*Yeah, here's the Yogster getting all up close and personal with the lens. Hurrah, more nose juice*

So, in an effort to update my fert pix, I was annoying the bejesus out of my furkids. They were as uncooperative as possible--most of the pictures taken feature a single eye...or a flash of nose. Pixie, however, did give in and posed very cutely for two. Yeah. Before she took off to hide in her cubby hole o'doom and plot my demise.

Oh, well.

And, because I went to the effort of trying to take these darn pictures, I'm gonna post some of 'em >bwahahahahahahahaha<. Sorry. I haven't done that for so long--I was jonesin', man *g*. Oh! Back on topic! Okay, here's some bad(ish) pix of my ferts. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


*my oldest niece, enjoying the weather. Gramma took them down creek road, and they got to watch the dogs playing on the bluff and in the water :)

Yay, snow! Do you know what it takes to get snow where we live?

A lot. The first year we moved to our current house in NC, we got about 4-5 feet of snow. That was about 9 years ago or so. After that, it wasn't anything but flurries. At least this time, it's staying for a while, and actually *coated* the ground. I'm a happy girl.

So, not related to fert news, but oh, well.

As for my ferts--Yogi is once again in his place as my sweet, little (but big) boy. The baby came home feeling 95% better and has been able to sleep through the night and not have screaming fits, so my fuzzbutts (Yogi in particular) have not been ransacking the cage >wheeeeeeeeeee!<. Sian is, of all things, turning silver. Yeah. I got her and there was no doubt about her being sable, then she slowly morphed into this strange indiscriminate color (except for her legs which are still a chocolatey color), and now, from the back of her head down, she is getting what looks like silvery-grayish hair. It's crazy. Even her face is paling some. I just don't know. It's not really important, but I just have that need to classify them in some category (besides the one labeled 'my babies' heh), and she refuses to follow convention >argh<. But! She is about the length of Pixie, now (growth spurt, much?), and muscled (she looks slinky, but you pick her up and it's just solid weight). So, yeah, doing good.

And as I write, all three are in some fert wrestling-match on the bed. Gotta love 'em.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

OW. The end.

Yogi, the devilish culprit. Oh, yeah. The smear? Nose juice from the same suspect :)

So, Yogi is content to remain a brat. I swear--that boy. Gah, that's it. That's all I have.

Three sick nieces in this house. The baby, poor thing, cries 24/7. Okay, well, not cries so much as screams. Bloody ohmygodsomeonesaveme screams. And I'm the one on nightshift, so I deal with it mostly.

So, what does Yogi do? Throw the biggest, nastiest tantrums (my room--aka the fert room--is right next door to the baby's--so the ferts are all subject to the noise). It's not close to the ones before. Those I could put up with. This, now, is driving me *batty*.

I am sleep deprived, and not up to this. Even now, with them at their daddy's for the weekend, I swear I hear that baby crying, and I'm just waiting for Yogi to break something else.

mmmmmmmmmmm. I am sympathetic. I know it isn't pleasant. But, christ, how many food dishes is that boy going to go through? I see him sleeping peacefully, now (happy with the child-free, quiet house), and I just want to *poke* him.

I'm hoping this break will be enough to get us partway into next week before Yogi goes all Godzilla again. Which is why I'm not going to VA this weekend. I fully intend on taking advantage of the fact that I get to SLEEP IN and only have furry-related chores to deal with upon waking (yay! no diapers, bottles, kiddie-tantrums--shehitmetookmytoyifellstopitidon'tlikeyou, YAY!).

Maybe by Sunday those scary little pink Christina Aguilera monsters will be gone (ritalin? we need RITAL-OUT!--thank you, South Park). I just--I love my nieces. I *do*. They are beautiful, smart, and adorable (most of the time). But, I will never, and I mean NEVER, have children of my own *shudders*. Yeah, no. I've gleaned that much from this experience, let me tell you.

Uh, yeah. I'll go before this devolves into complete, asinine incoherency (and veers completely from fert-related subjects >ugh<). I may even add a pic. Who knows.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Water iz fun

So, more pix of the ferts counter-cruisin'. The theme this time? Water!

I wanted to see if they would enjoy it, if there was no threat of the dreaded shampoo. Over all? Yogi absolutely loved it. I took pictures of him dunking his head under the faucet as it ran water--but I cannot find it, so the best I could was show him playing with *his* selected toys :)
The baby was leary. But she warmed up to it when she found the syringe (and proceeded to stash it on the counter. Finally, Pixie (the aquaphobe) did manage to not be traumatized by the experience. She did the obligatory don't let my feet touch hop-thingy at the start, but even she dunked her head under the water. So, yay!

And, I just had to post the pic (pre-water) of Pixie staring at me :), it was too cute to pass up. Oh, and the last thing? It shocked me, *again*, at how much Sian and Pixie look alike in here.

The order of pictures: Pixie playing with the tea-candy, Yogi playing with the bottle-brush after soaking himself under the faucet, Pixie checking out the water, and finally--Sian after bobbing for the syringe :)

So cute!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I don't know, but the little pink Christina Aguilera monsters are freakin' me out

This is why one of Ben's nicknames is bat-boy *g*

So, apparently, Yogi thinks I only deserve kisses if I give him his pumpkin/Carnivore Care :( Spoiled. Also? He is huge. I've always known he was a big boy. My vet's always get a laugh out of it. But, really, trying to weigh him? I sat there going, 'oh, three pounds? Huh.' Then I look. Really look at Yogs in the scale. His front body wasn't even in. So his rear weighs three pounds. His front? Anyone's guess. I'm gonna have to get a larger scale in order to get a more exact reading.

There's my lame-funny news for the day :-)

Mmph. Oh! Sian and Yogi? Terrors. Absolute terrors in the cage. I have not slept a night through in a *week* because they have to tearsmashtossthrow EVERYTHING in the cage >grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr< So, when Yogi started this morning, I put him in the smaller, PINK carrier (he threw a fuss, but then settled down and went to sleep). Nananannanah.

Apparently, I have regressed to the mental maturity of a five year old. Well, you win some, you lose some.

In other picture news: I got a few of Yogs counter-cruisin' today. And one of the baby sleeping (Pixie was spastic. I tried to get her and all I got was a blank picture--I think it was payback for clipping their nails last night. Which reminds me: Yogi's nails are getting so thick that we're gonna have to get a bigger nail clipper. I wonder why? It's kinda weird).

So, whee! Back on track: here's the fert pictures:

Yogi, checking things out....

Don't worry; the cup's empty and washed out :)

Awwwwwwwww. isn't the baby cute?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Look, don't blame me. I'm pretty sure it's my parents' fault...

And, so, after all my bragging about Yogi's nails not needing to be clipped...they now need to be clipped. Seriously, I think it's out of spite. Last night I could have sworn they were decently trim. Now...they're ohmygodwhathappenedtoyou long.

In other news: I gave the ferts a little bit of Aunt Jeni's turkey and a CGH piece when I put them up last night. It went well. There was no scuffling or hissing or scrabbling. But this morning? Yogi had apparently stashed part of his CGH and decided to eat it as breakfast. That baby turned into a demon. She ran up to where Yogs was, snatched it from him and started wolfing it down; poor Yogi looked heartbroken, so I, of course, reached in the cage to get it away from her. She started spitting and hissing and hopping in place. It was actually kind of funny, and I wished I'd had the camcorder handy. But. Anyway, I scruffed her; jiggled the gamehen piece away from her and gave it back to Yogi, who didn't hesitate to chow down >yay! bone!<

Oooo, did she have a lot to say about that.

But, she got over it--helped along by the fact that I gave her CGH pieces for her breakfast. Sian likes the Aunt Jeni's, but she adores her gamehens :)

As for Pixie, she took a dive off the cage today. Luckily she's fine (cheers for good bone density, I guess). But she went off on a sulk, because I was highly displeased. This is her routine every time I start ranting at her: sigh, slump, scurry, scratch. A lot of 's' words, I know *g*.

Hmph. The end.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Umm...yeah. I don't think evil overlords are supposed to *cry*

Well, so finally got the ferret room clean :) Go, me! The Yogs took the nice, fresh, clean room to mean he could poo anywhere. My rants and raves made no impression. That boy is the bane of litterboxes everywhere :-{

And, I don't have to do the laundry right away. I finally have enough bedding material for--check it out--TWO sets. Praise you, hallejuah. But, I did have to spot treat their sofa bed. The baby got mad at being caged and knocked it into ferret poop. Though, honestly, I have to figure something else out for the entry to the second story. The ramp doesn't work (too dangerous...I wonder if any other ferrent has the same problem with the FN cage? Oh, well).

Also, to knock off the list--nails (but not ears. Yay, for Epi-Otic all over Yogi's head!). No clipping needed this time. Which is strange, because Yogi usually grows tarantula legs on the ends of his paws >ewwww<.

In other news: Pixie is being herself. Which means sleeping and scurrying away if I even *think* about picking her up *iz sad*. The baby is spastic. Always. Sian is even, to my dismay, getting bone aggressive. She puffs, she hisses, she runs around like a chicken with it's head cut off. She will stash her CGH piece, and then go around stealing everyone else's, as well. And getting her? Ha, yeah. Easy. Except not. So, I cage her. Then she flips out, refuses to eat. Her thinking? Probably something like, "But I need to share in the togetherness...and their pieces are so much better!"

Okay, okay. Yogi stalking her, and sitting beside her, just *staring* while she eats probably doesn't help, either. It's actually frickin' creepy, even for me. How he just sidles up, then slowly turns his head until his nose is practically in her ear...I dunno; I'd get paranoid, too, I guess. But, he doesn't steal her food, either, just does that.

It's fine. Yes. I think I can convince myself of that...yeah, no. But I'll work on it. I've already gotten Sian to the stage that IF I can catch her, I can get her food away without getting nipped. Baby steps. It's all about the little things.

That's it. Except for one, last "YAY! CLEAN ROOM!"

A BUSINESS >woot!< FTW!!!!!

It just dawned on me...I technically can call my furkids (drumroll, please...)...A BUSINESS. Two ferts are called a pair (duh). Three+ is a what? That's right. A business of ferrets. I have a business *bg*

It must have been a supremely long blonde moment that prevented me from noticing this earlier *facepalm* Oh, well.

Now, let me tell you a story. It starts off like this:

[me, entering ferret room--that's yet unclean. Shut *up*]: Hey, babes, whatcha up to?
{Pixie}: Mom, stop flashing that thing in my face! >ugh<

[me, wanders away, sits. Looks down]: AHHHHH! HOLY S***! How did I not notice you?
{Sian, whining}: Mom. MOM! I'm hungryyyyyyyyyy. Mom >sighs< [me, fending her off]. Okay, okay. I'll go get some food. Just wait.

Some moments later...
{Sian, happily eating}: Nom nom nom. Yummy nom nom...

Some moments after that...
{Sian}: Mmm, thanks, Mom!

[Pan left, some rustling, some thumps. Enter Yogi, confused] {Yogi, huffing enviously}: Mom! I was hungry, toooooooooooooo!

[More rustling. A muffled crash] {Yogi}: I can't believe you fed her and not me!

{Yogi}: Fine! I'm leaving!
[me, tugging hair]: Jesus...freaking...oh my were SLEEPING!

[Exit Yogi] {Sian, slyly}: Ha! Didn't even know I stashed some here...I win!

[Thump. Scrabbling] {Sian}: I lurrrrrrvvvvv you, Mom.
A few moments after that...

{Sian, content}: Oooooo, time for a nap >yawn<
[me, thinking]: whee! Cuddle time! FTW!


In other news: I did manage to give Pixie and Yogi their heartworm preventative, as well as give Sian her topical ivermectin >yay!< Well, that's it for now! *whew*